Creating and Attaching Item Content in Microsoft Outlook 2019

This chapter will take you through the important parts of the Outlook2019 interface and show you how to configure objects such as mail,contacts, tasks, notes, and journals. You will set some advanced optionsand language options in the interface, and learn how to manipulate itemtags and arrange the content pane.

In addition, we will apply some search and filter tools, and printOutlook items. You will learn best practices for sending email messages,as well as configure send and delivery options to improve productivityin the Outlook application. You will also learn to professionally formatitem content and to attach content to an email.

The following topics are covered in this chapter:

  • Investigating the Outlook environment
  • Manipulating item tags
  • Working with views, filtering, and printing
  • Creating and sending email messages
  • Creating and managing Quick Steps
  • Attaching item content

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