Creating and modifying photo albums in Microsoft PowerPoint 2019

In this section, you will learn how to create, organize, andformat a photo album using PowerPoint 2019. The ability to createa photo album was introduced as a new feature within Office 2010. Thisallows you to add a collection of photographs to a presentation, and setformat options all in one go. It is a really efficient process that isperfect when creating presentations predominantly based on images, orfor personal online photo album memories to which video, animations,transitions, audio, and other PowerPoint 2019 elements can be added toenhance the end product:

  1. Open PowerPoint 2019 and create a new blankpresentation.
  2. To construct a photo album, click on the Insert | Images option.
  3. Then, click on Photo Album andchoose New Photo Album…, asillustrated in the following screenshot:
ms office 116
  1. In the Photo Album dialog box thatpopulates, locate the content you would like to insert as a photoalbum.
  2. Click on the File/Disk… icon tobrowse and locate pictures on your computer. It is important to notethat storing pictures in one single location/folder would be anadvantage prior to creating the album, as well as having a descriptivefilename for each picture so that locating, rearranging, and formattingpictures is trouble-free. The following screenshot illustrates how youcan do this:
ms office 162
  1. Select the pictures using either the Ctrl + click method toselect individual pictures, or select multiple files in one go using theShift + click method; or, use Ctrl and the Akey to select all the files in the folder. You will use the imageswithin the PHOTOALBUM folder in the followingscreenshot example:
ms office 255
  1. The pictures are added to the Pictures in album: window, located tothe center of the dialog box. You will see from the following screenshotthat the pictures are numbered and the picture names are displayed inthe window for ease of use:
ms office 228
  1. There are numerous formatting options to consider before you clickon the Create icon at the bottom ofthe dialog box. In this instance, we will go ahead and create the album,and then revisit each individual formatting option so that you arefamiliar with the options and become comfortable working with photoalbums in PowerPoint. An example photo album can be seen in thefollowing screenshot:
ms office 510
  1. Each picture is displayed on an individual slide as the defaultlayout was set to Fit to slide.
  2. Notice that the photo album iscreated as an entirely new presentation and is not part of the existingblank new presentation you started off with.
  3. Save the photo album as SSG-PhotoAlbum.pptx.

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