Creating and updating the TOC in Microsoft Word 2019

The TOC is generated using document heading styles. Once a documentis formatted using heading styles, Microsoft Word uses these styles tocreate the table. Once the TOC has been inserted into the document, youwill be able to update the table (without redoing the entire table).Word offers a gallery of TOC styles to choose from:

  1. To follow this example, open the documentcalled Table-of-Contents.docx.
  2. We will create a TOC as the first page in this document.
  3. Force a page break at the start of the document by pressingCtrl + Enter.
  4. Type the heading Table of Contents on the first page ofthe document.
  5. Heading styles need to be applied throughout the report so that wecan generate the TOC on the first page of the document—use Heading 1 through Heading 3 to format the reportheadings:
ms office 440
  1. To select more than one heading in order to apply the same headingstyle, select the first heading, then hold down the Ctrl key onthe keyboard. While keeping the Ctrl key depressed, select thenext heading, and so on.
  2. Once the heading styles have been applied throughout the document,we are ready to build our TOC.
  3. Click in the document where you want the TOC to reside. This isnormally at the very top of the document on the first page.
  4. Click on the References tab.
  5. Click on the Table of Contentsdrop-down arrow to select a built-in TOC style to use:
ms office 608

Your TOC will be generated at the top of the document. Butif you need to make any changes to the existing TOC or you usedthe incorrect heading styles on a section of the document and need tocorrect this, then simply click into the TOC and press the F9function key to update the entire table or just the page numbering:

ms office 862

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