Creating documents in Microsoft Word 2019

Opening, saving, closing, and creating new documents from templatesare very similar procedures in each of the Microsoft Office 2019applications. The Backstage view can be accessed via theFile tab in each of the applicationsand requires the same steps to complete these tasks. The Backstage viewis where files are managed in terms of creating, saving, printing,sharing, inspecting, and setting the interface options andproperties.

In the following table, you will find the introductory steps to workwith documents in Office 2019 applications:

ms office 511

A blank document in Word 2019 is a template with predefinedfonts and attributes, as well as margins and page orientation settings.There are two blank document templates available—the single-spaced blankand the blank document options. The only difference between the blankdocument template and the single-spaced blank template in Word 2019 isthe line spacing and paragraph spacing settings. Both documents areempty and have no text or objects added to them.

The following diagram displays the difference in file extensions whensaving a document as a template compared to saving it as a document:

ms office 603
A template is a presentation with a predefined look and contains defaulttext, layouts, and even animations. Templates are often used as astarting point for presentations, documents, and worksheets—especiallyin the 2019 version, as there are many professional animated effects,budgets, and reports available.

They have been created to suit the needs of the user and areoften a quick way to get things done. The file extension for atemplate differs from that of a normal document. For instance, the fileextension for a Word document is .docx, whereasthe file extension for a Word template is.dotx.

When using Office 2019, you can search and download templatesfrom the internet from within the application. Categories are availablejust below the search bar and guide the user when searchingonline. To search for templates online, you must have aworking internet connection.

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