Creating Professional Documents in Microsoft Word 2019

Word 2019 includes an array of features that aid in creatingattractive and professional documents. This chapter willteach you how to add references such as citations, a table of contents,add a bibliography to a document, and perform a mail merge usingdifferent methods.

We will construct a form using the Quick Parts feature,insert a cover page, and get to grips with navigation techniquesand working with long documents. There is also a section ontroubleshooting endnotes and footnotes, headers and footers, and linksin a document.

We will cover the following topics in this chapter:

  • Word-referencing features
  • Performing a mail merge
  • Constructing forms
  • Customizing page layouts

The skills you will learn about in this chapter will allow youto create well-organized documents with easier to read navigation forreaders, as well as the skills needed to apply professional featureswhen working with long documents. You will also have the skillsto prepare a mail merge document using different output requirements andcompile a form to collect information from others online.

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