Creating tables in Datasheet View in Microsoft Access 2019

Datasheet View is very similar to aspreadsheet. Access saves all data entered into a field automatically.Once you have finished entering data into a record and the focus ismoved off that record onto the next, the row (record) is savedautomatically. One way of checking whether the record is saved is tomake sure that the pencil icon is not visible to the left of a record,as seen in the following screenshot:

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The only type of change not saved automatically is any structuralchange. An example of a structural change would be sorting and movingfields. Tables should be created in design view as this gives us theopportunity to edit data types and field properties where necessary, andthis cannot be achieved in Datasheet View:

  1. Open the database to which you would like to add a table. 
  2. Click on Create | Table to designthe table in Datasheet View.
  3. A new table tab will open on the database window labeledTable1. The new table will consist of a default field calledID that can be changed/edited at alater stage.
  4. Select the Click to Add icon to choose a data type for thefield. The data type is the type of data that will be stored in thefield (date, text, number, currency, or time). These are discussed indetail under the Modifying datatypes section:
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  1. The default field name will appear as a column header after choosingthe data type. Type the field name into the column header area. If youuse reserved names for column headings, such as Name, youwill be alerted by the application to change it due to errors that couldappear. Reserved names are specific words that Microsoft uses in thedatabase engine. Edit the header to something similar, suchas First_Name or FName. Continue in this manneruntil you have entered all the field names and data types for the newtable. As we are only learning the theory at this stage, we will notcontinue to add names.
  2. The next step is to save the table by clicking on the Save icon. If you try to change views beforesaving, you will be prompted to save as well. Once saved, you wouldnormally enter records into the table.

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