Creating tables using the design view in Microsoft Access 2019

The purpose of Design View is tocreate or set up a table structure with data types and field properties.In Design View, we can add new fieldsto a table; set indexes, assign primary keys and data types as well asedit the field properties. So, if you are wanting to edit any structuralchanges to the table, Design View isthe view to navigate to. Data cannot be added in Design View, only the structure. Addingrecords needs to be completed in DatasheetView after the table structure is set up:

  1. We will continue with SSGSchoolAdmin.accdb. Click onthe Create | Table Design icon.
  2. The new table opens up in DesignView, after which you can enter field names into the relevantcolumns. The ID field name is insertedautomatically for you.
  1. Enter StudentName as the second field heading, thenchoose the short text data type from the drop-down list.
  2. Save the table structure by clicking on the Save icon. EnterEnrolledStudentsTbl as the table name. Note that the ribbonhas changed to reflect the Design Viewicons and Table Tools contextualmenu.

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