Creating tables in Microsoft Word 2019

In this topic, we will create a table and become familiar with tableelements, enter text, and master table selection techniques. Tables areused to display information in a list or to organize information in rowsand columns. There is more than one way to insert a table in Word. Let’sreview them while referring to the following screenshot:

ms office 867

  1. Using the Table icon from theInsert tab (shown in the precedingscreenshot), and selecting the number of columns and rows you require byclicking and dragging the mouse pointer over the rows and columnsprovided.
  2. Using the Insert Table… optionfrom the drop-down list on the Tableicon from the Insert tab,and specifying the number of rows and columns you require.
  3. Using the Draw Table option.
  4. Inserting a quick table. A gallery of table formats will appear,from which to choose styles. Adjust the content as necessary.

Make sure you are aware of the difference between a Row, Column, and Cell, illustrated in the followingscreenshot:

ms office 112

A cell is an intersection between a row and a column. Use theTab key on your keyboard to navigate from one cell to anotherin a table. 
To navigate to a tab stop in a table, press Ctrl +Tab.

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