Creating your own custom theme in Microsoft PowerPoint 2019

Follow these steps to learn how to create a custom theme:

  1. We will use a new presentation for this example.
  2. Apply a theme to the presentation, then customize its elements usingthe Variants options.
  3. To save the customized theme as your new theme, click on Save Current Theme… from the drop-downthemes list. By default, themes are saved to the Templatesfolder on your local hard drive:
ms office 322
  1. Enter a filename into the text area provided (note that the filenameextension for themes is .thmx and is saved to theTemplatesDocument Themes folder automatically).
  2. Click on Save. The new theme,called SafestSolTheme, will be added to the Custom list in the Theme Gallery.
Themes that you do not need anymore can be removed from the ThemeGallery. To delete a theme, click on Design, select the theme, and thenright-click and delete.

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