Ways to Crop a PDF on Mac: 2021 Update and 100% Free

The article’s overview discusses what PDF is, the Reason why we Crop a PDF, ways to crop a PDF on Mac using PDF Element and the steps Involve, ways to crop a PDF on Mac using Preview with the steps involved, ways to crop a PDF on Mac with Page Boxes Tool and the steps involved, ways to crop a PDF on Mac in an online platform using Sejda, and the steps involved, ways to crop a PDF on Mac with an Illustrator and the steps Involved, ways to crop a PDF on Mac with Briss and Latex and the Steps Involved.

What is PDF? 

Adobe developed PDF as a file format for presenting documents, including text formatting and images, in a way that is independent of application software, hardware, and operating systems. PDF is based on the PostScript Language. Each Pdf file contains a comprehensive description of a Fixed-Layout flat document, including the text, fonts, vector graphics, Raster Images, Logical Structure, and other information needed to show it. However to facilitate workflows, the pdf includes encryption, digital signatures, file attachments, and metadata.

Reason Why We Crop a PDF

If have you ever needed to alter the size of a PDF file, Perhaps you mistyped the settings or need to change your document for a different purpose. Cropping a PDF on a Mac is simple if you have the appropriate software.

Furthermore, People also need to print PDFs for a variety of reasons. Some demand the printing of PDF files for signing, such as academic papers, while others, such as business people, require printing PDF files for signing. However, we are aware that paper comes in various sizes, including A3, A4, and A8. Alternatively, you may wish to lower the file’s size and make it smaller. PDF files must be modified or cropped into the optimal size before printing to have the most outstanding presentation impact; this is why we need a PDF cropper.

Ways to Crop a PDF on Mac: 2021 Update and 100% Free

Way 1: How to Crop a PDF on Mac using PDF Element

Cropping your PDF on a Mac is a breeze, using PDFelement. But first, you’ll need to download PDFelement and install it on your Mac. After that, please open it and follow the easy instructions below to crop PDF on Mac.

Step 1. Open PDF

Click “Open File” in the main window and navigate the PDF document you want to crop.



Step 2. Select the Area to Crop

Select the “Crop Pages” option from the “Tool” menu on the left side after the document is open. Then, everywhere over your website, a dotted conversation box will emerge. Select the region you wish to preserve by dragging the box.



Step 3. Crop PDF on Mac

The selected area (the region inside the dotted box) will be preserved, while the remainder of the document will be cut. If you need to crop several pages, proceed to the next page and select the cropping area once again. To crop, click the Apply button once you’ve finished setting up all of the regions you want. It will run all of the pages at the same time.



If you want to crop all of the pages for the same area, all you have to do is set the area for one page, then click the “Apply the same cropping to all pages” option, and it will crop for you right away.




Way 2: How to Crop PDF on Mac with Preview

Another software that can help you crop PDF on a Mac, even macOS 11, is Preview. Because Preview does not enable cropping a page range of several PDF pages, you can only manually crop a single page using it. In addition, Preview does not allow you to fine-tune the cropping parameters.

Step 1. Select the Area to Crop

After opening your PDF file in Preview, go to the top menu and select “Tools” > “Rectangle Selection.”



Step 2. Crop PDF on Mac

Select the region you wish to preserve with your mouse. Then crop using the “Tools” > “Crop” button.




Way 3: Crop PDF on Mac with Page Boxes Tool

Another option for cropping PDF pages in PDFelement for Mac is to utilize the “Page Boxes” tool. On a Mac, you may crop pages using the manner shown below.

Step 1. Enable Page Boxes Tool

Click the “Page” > “Page Boxes” tool after opening a PDF file in PDFelement.




Step 2. Settings to Crop PDF

The red cropping box and parameters may be seen around the page and on the right-side preview picture once again. Set the size of the cropped area.



You may also adjust the page size from this page. Choose a preset size for your PDF document or change the page size to set the width and height manually. The page range to apply the adjustments to your PDF document may then be selected.

Way 4: Crop PDF on Mac in an online platform using Sejda 

Even yet, there are free online applications that may assist users in crop PDFs on their Macs. Sejda is a professional platform that provides free services for editing, cropping, merging, splitting, protecting, compressing, converting, and creating PDF files.

  • Start with the first step. In your web browser, go to
  • Step 2: To upload PDF files, click Upload PDF Files or drag and drop a PDF file into the application.


  • Step 3: You can crop the entire document or a single page of a PDF file.


  • Step 4: Select the area you wish to crop using your mouse, then click Crop.


  • Step 5: After the cropping is complete, save the file to your computer or other online storage accounts.

Way 5: Crop PDF on Mac with an Illustrator

Illustrator can also help you straightforwardly crop a PDF. You’d have to open the PDF as an image in Illustrator and crop it like any other image. Here’s how you can do it.

Step 1: Launch Illustrator and drag the PDF file into the main window. Select the portion of the document you want to crop with the selection tool.

Step 2: Right-click the section and choose “Crop Image” from the menu that appears. To proceed, click “OK.”



Step 3: Drag the crop rectangle’s corners to resize it. When you’re finished, press enter.  



Way 6. Crop PDF with Briss

Briss is a PDF editor that allows you to crop a PDF document to the size you want it to be. It is downloaded software that is compatible with all operating systems. Here’s how you crop a PDF document using Briss.

Step 1: Go to the official Briss website and download and install it on your PC.

Step 2: Open the application and select “File > Load” to load the PDF file you wish to crop.



Step 3: Select the blue border that surrounds the document and move it. Outside of the blue area, everything will be cut out.

Step 4: To see the results, go to the menu bar and select “Action > Preview.” If you’re pleased with the Crop, save the changes by selecting “Action > Crop PDF.”

Way 7: Crop PDF with Latex

Cropping a PDF document using LaTex is another handy technique. Because you must use code, it is significantly more challenging to use as a PDF cropping tool than other PDF editors. To that end, here’s how to crop a PDF using LaTex.

Step1: Take the first step. You’ll need to know the page size in points, the page layout, and the precise number of pages to take off before you can use LaTex to trim the PDF. Here’s an example that has been prepared for you.



Step 2: Type the following into a LaTex file using the information obtained above: da two sides.tex.




Step 3: Your PDF will now be cropped when you run pdflatex.

In conclusion

The article discusses several Ways to Crop a PDF on Mac using various steps and images. Sometimes, we need to crop a PDF on mac to remove those unwanted parts for various reasons. This task can be quite easy if you have worked on a Mac for long time, but if you are just new to Mac, it may take some time for you to figure out some good ways to crop the PDF on your Mac.

However, if you’re having difficulties to crop a pdf on Mac, study and follow the steps in the article, including the images, you will indeed find a way out.

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