Data labels in Microsoft PowerPoint 2019

To make a chart more understandable and easier to read for the user,we need to add data labels. Use the data shown in the followingscreenshot to construct a 3D pie chart on a new blank slide inPowerPoint 2019:

ms office 151

To apply data labels to the preceding chart, follows these steps:

  1. Select the chart.
  2. From the Chart Elements icon tothe right of the chart, select DataLabels. Alternatively, use the Design ribbon to locate Add Chart Element (the first icon on theribbon):
ms office 582
  1. Click on the small black arrow to open further options to add thedata label. For this example, we will use the Best Fit option (More Options… will open the Format Data Labels pane, where you will findmany more options you can use to customize your chart).
  2. The chart will be updated.
  3. Click on one of the data labels once (this will select all the datalabels).
  4. To make formatting changes to the labels, visit the Home tab and apply the formatting options asrequired.

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