Software recommendation: define the magic keywords quickly open the specified project

As you know, the “Run” box of Windows can run all the built-in tools and programs contained in the path of the current system environment variable PATH, and can also open web pages by typing in the URL directly. However, it can’t open other items that users need, such as other software installed by users, system tools that don’t have command mode or can’t remember the command. The SlickRun software can meet our needs in this area, it can be used like a run box, but also through the customization of the way to add more support to open other items.

First download SlickRun (download at: After installing and running the program, a very simple input box will appear on the desktop with the current date and time information. The size of the input box can be adjusted by pressing the mouse close to the right box and then dragging it left and right (Figure 1).


By default, we can not only execute all the commands supported by Windows “Run” box in the input box of SlickRun, but also choose to run some unique commands built into the software directly through the MagicWord menu. For example, select amazon to automatically visit, select book to search for books on Amazon, select paint to open a drawing program, select player to open a media player, select hibernate to enter the hibernation state, select lock to lock the computer, etc. (Some of these commands are not accessible because they may point to a foreign invalid website, or to (some of these commands are not accessible because they may point to an invalid foreign website or to a component that is not included in the current system) (Figure 2). To invoke these commands built into the software, right-click on the software input box and select the “MagicWords” option, then make your selection.

As the software menu comes with a limited number of openable items, in order to broaden the scope of the software search, we can customize more MagicWord (magic keywords) in order to open more of our own needs of other items. Specific definition method.

Right-click the search box and select “New MagicWord…” to enter the new word configuration customization window and add a new MagicWord. tab in the customization window, then enter the new MagicWord and its corresponding program name (file name) or URL address in turn, select the starting window state from the Start Mode list, set the starting path, and set parameters, comments and other information. After the definition is complete, click the “Test this MagicWord” button in the lower right corner to test the effect, to confirm that there is no problem, click the “√” button in the upper right corner, the new word into the library (Figure 3). In this way, we can use the newly added keywords to quickly call out the added programs, documents or web pages and other items.



If you are not satisfied with the effect of the search box interface, you can enter the Appearance tab of the Custom Settings window, click the Font button to define the font, use the Opacity box to adjust the transparency, change the date and time format in the Date and Time box, you can also customize the color of the font and background through the Colors box. And in the Options tab, we can also set shortcuts, set various states of the window, select autocomplete options, etc. (Figure 4).

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