Defining a named range in Microsoft Excel 2019

If you refer to a certain block of cells on a worksheet repeatedly,it may be necessary to name the cells so that you can move to thatparticular range with ease. Use name ranges when constructing formulasas well. For instance, if you need to check up on a certain range ofcells or one cell regularly, such as budget figures, you could name thecell budget and use the Name Box to move to that cellquickly. In addition, when using cell references in a formula it can getcomplicated, and it would be much easier if you used the cell nameinstead. Don’t you think that this makes more sense?

Have a look at the following:

=sum(A34:D56) OR =sum(salesprofit)

Please note that when naming a range, the followingis not accepted:

  • Using cell references as the range name
  • Using the letters C, c, R, or r as a name range
  • Using spaces

What is accepted? Have a look at the following list tofind out:

  • An underscore (_), backslash (), or letter asthe first character of a range name. The rest of the range name cancontain full stops, letters, numbers, and underscore characters.
  • Name ranges can be up to 255 characters in length.
  • Uppercase and lowercase letters are allowed—Excel does notdistinguish between them.

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