Different header and footer sections in Microsoft Word 2019

Often, you might feel a bit restricted when dealing withheaders and footers that have the same information at the top or bottomof each page in the document. With section breaks, you can fix this sothat, for instance, pages 1 and 3 can have differentheader content to that of pages 2 and 4. Follow these steps tolearn how to do this:

  1. Open the document called Sections.docx. Notice that thefirst page is excluded from headers and footers. This is because theDifferent First Page option is activein the document.
  2. Also, notice that when viewing the header and footer area, thesections are the same from page 2 onward, and the Same as Previous option is active on eachpage header in the document. This means that anything inserted into aheader or footer area will be repeated across all pages:
ms office 533
  1. Insert section breaks, where relevant, into the document (for thisexercise, we will insert Next Pagesection breaks at the bottom of each page to break the document intodifferent sections).
  1. As you add Next Page sectionbreaks, you might find that the text on the next page moves downslightly. This is normal as the section break tends to do this. Justdelete the space at the top of the document as you insert breaks.
  2. Make sure you are on the first page of the document.
  3. Double-click to open up the header area.
  4. Type the text Report onServices.
  5. As the second page displays Same asPrevious to the right, any text added to the header will appearon the first page as well.
  6. Click into the header area on page 2, then click on Link to Previous from the Navigation group this willremove the link between the two sections and allow you to delete theheader from the first page, without interfering with any text on thesecond page:
ms office 222
  1. Move to the next page (Section 3).
  2. Click on Link to Previous toremove the link between two sections.
  3. Enter the text Safest SolutionsGroup in the center of the header area.
  4. While navigating between sections, notice that the distance betweenthe text in some sections is wider than the next thisdemonstrates that you can also use formatting to denote a differencebetween sections in headers and footers. 
  5. Move to the next page (Section 4).
  6. Click on Link to Previous toremove the link between two sections.
  7. Enter the text Report on Services.
  8. Continue in this fashion until you reach the end of thedocument.
  9. Click on the Close Header andFooter icon to return to the document and view the result.

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