Displaying or hiding calendars in Microsoft Outlook 2019

It is extremely useful to be able to hide or show calendars whenworking with others from the same or external organizations. If you haveaccess to someone’s calendar, you can show or hide it in your calendarview:

  1. At the bottom of the calendar folder pane, you will see a number ofdifferent calendar headings. The first is MyCalendars, the second is OtherCalendars, and the third is SharedCalendars. In the following screenshot, Calendar – blzfurkidds@outlook.com isvisible because that calendar has been selected:
ms office 211
  1. To view another calendar alongside your personal calendar, click onit from the Shared Calendars folder toview it. You will notice that we have access to the Safest Solutions calendar, as it is listedunder Shared Calendars:
ms office 569
  1. Once you check a calendar (in this example, Safest Solutions), the calendar is shown tothe right of your personal calendar.
  2. To hide the selected calendar, click on the x icon at the end of the Calendar tab, right-click on the tab andchoose Hide This Calendar, or click onthe name of the calendar under SharedCalendars to hide it from view:
ms office 189
  1. Calendars can also be set to Overlay. This is very useful when you wantto view multiple calendars at the same time in one calendar view.Right-click on a Calendar tab, thenchoose Overlay.
  1. If you can’t see a calendar that you need under the Shared Calendars heading to the left of thecalendar view, click on Open Calendarfrom the top ribbon. You can choose to open a calendar using the From Address Book…, Create New Blank Calendar…, or Open Shared Calendar… options:
ms office 636

Certain calendars will require permission from the owner to openthem.

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