Office hacks: Do-it-yourself business strategy PPT templates

In the daily investment or promotion activities, we often have to make some PPT to show the main content of the activity. Here we will introduce you some business strategy PPT production methods and include the production of the featured cover and table of contents to build a whole set of PPTs that can be applied to your own projects immediately or saved as templates for future use from time to time.

Atmospheric and simple home page cover

Commercial PPTs are for customers, so the PPT cover should be as simple and simple as possible. For the cover, we can use a full picture that matches the theme, and to guide the audience’s attention, the company name and PPT title can be displayed in the lower right corner by inserting a triangle and a circle combination (Figure 1).


Figure 1 Cover design

At-a-glance table of contents structure

Because the business PPT table of contents is to show the structure and main contents of the PPT to customers, it should be as simple and clear as possible. We can insert multiple rectangles of equal width into the slides and arrange them horizontally, and then enter the table of contents text into the shapes in turn, so that customers can see the contents of the table of contents at a glance during the presentation (Figure 2).


Figure 2 Catalog display

Visual elements to express business strategies

Nowadays is the era of map reading, we should try to use more visual elements when making the business strategy display content of PPT. For example, when displaying some company business models, the composition of company staff attributes, etc., it is often carried out using various equipartite circle graphics. For such an equally divided circle, it can be easily generated by using the insertion of a pie chart. For example, now you need a 10 equally divided circles, using 7 of them to represent the company business model, you can make it as follows.

In PowerPoint (this article to the 2016 version as an example), click “Insert → Chart → Pie Chart → Circle Chart”, because here is the need for 10 equal circles, so in the open data window, under sales will be B2: B11 cells all enter “10 “, that will automatically give the completion of 10 equal circular pattern. Next, switch to the “Chart” in the series option, you can adjust the size of the circle according to their needs (Figure 3).


Figure 3: Generating 10 equal circles

Because we only need 7 of the circles in this example, so in the right pane switch to “Fill”, remove the “color by sector” before the check, and then set the upper 3 sectors of the circle to “no fill “, the other according to their needs in turn filled with different colors.

Then select the above pie chart, and then paste it as a picture in the new slide, and then crop the picture, crop the blank part. In order to better represent the chart composition area, you can also paste the corresponding icons in different sectors and crop a circle center picture in the middle blank area, add a circle template and text description on it, and finally add the description text on the side of different sectors as prompted (Figure 4).


Figure 4 Effect of business model description

The circle scale image can be edited in any color

The above method is to create a circle diagram by pasting a picture, which will not be able to add different colors for the sectors in the following, in fact, we can also generate specific circle graphics by Boolean operations, which can facilitate subsequent editing. Assume that the proportion of male and female employees with master’s degree or above in a company is 60% and 50% respectively, which can be represented by a circle chart with the corresponding proportion.

As above in cell B2:C3 in order to enter the proportion of men and women data, to obtain the proportion of men and women after the circle chart, as above to copy it as a picture to paste into the new slide and crop off the excess. Click “Insert→Shape→Ring”, hold down the Shift key and insert two rings, adjust its size to make and paste the chart picture of two rings of the same size. Click “Start→Select→Select Pane” in the right-hand window will be pasted on the top of the picture (Figure 5).


Figure 5 Insert the same size of the shape and picture ring

Continue to click the “Insert → Shape → Triangle”, in accordance with the circular map on the sector split mark, insert three triangles in turn and the triangle’s sides and split mark alignment, these triangles in accordance with the split mark on the inserted ring proportional to the split. In the right pane to hide the picture display, then select the inserted ring and triangle in turn, click “Drawing Tools → Format → Merge Shapes → Split” (Figure 6).


Figure 6 split ring

This will be the original proportion of the ring split into 60% and 50% of the area, according to the prompts to delete the excess, and the split area are filled with a different color, while the actual data to add text and icon descriptions (Figure 7). Since the constituent elements of the circle here are shapes, its color can be edited at any time.


Figure 7: The effect of the editable color circle

Icon making

For a complete PPT template, various icons as embellishments are indispensable. For more complex icons, we suggest downloading and importing them directly from professional icon websites, while for some simple icons, we suggest making them ourselves.

For example, we often use the light bulb icon to indicate some notes, the production of light bulb icon, using a combination of circle + trapezoid + rounded rectangle can be completed. Insert three circles and a trapezoid, and adjust the size of the trapezoid so that its upper and lower edges coincide with the diameter of the circle, and the beveled edge goes through the tangent point of the circle (Figure 8).


Figure 8 Shape Arrangement

the same, select the circle and trapezoid, switch to “Drawing Tools → Format → Merge Shapes → Split”, and then remove the redundant shapes, and then finally add a rounded rectangle and a chord combination on it. Using a similar combination and Boolean method, we can create a large number of icons (Figure 9).


Figure 9 Making icon shapes

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