Document properties (metadata) in Microsoft Office 2019

Another name for document properties is metadata. Metadata issimilar to the identification details that exist in a document createdin Word 2019.

The identification details could include the author’s name, the date thedocument was created or edited, or keywords and tags that describe thefile or the company.

Document properties are entered as you work on a document eitherautomatically, or manually bythe user or owner ofthe document. An example of automatic metadata is ausername or the date the file was modified or created. Manuallyentered metadata includes a company name, the manager’sname, document tags, and keywords.

Document properties are accessed via the File | Info option in Word,Excel, PowerPoint, and Access 2019. When you choose Info, the main properties are listed on theright-hand side of the window. To access even more properties, click onthe Properties heading at the topof the existing properties, then click on the Advanced tab. The following isa screenshot of the Word 2019 Infooptions, displaying the Propertieslist to the right of the window:

ms office 455

Now that you know where to locate the document properties in Word2019 and understand what metadata is, the next sectionlooks at how we can inspect documents for personal information andhidden properties and remove them before sharing documents withothers. 

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