Software recommendations: documents into 3D page flip e-book in seconds

Nowadays, there are many documents in PDF file format, and we can convert these PDFs into eBooks with 3D page effects through online services such as “Cloud Show”, which is not only easy to read and cool, but also easy to share with your friends.

Simple upload, PDF into an online e-book

First of all, prepare the PDF files that need to be converted, log on to后按提示先注册为用户, after logging in, select “Create HTML5 document”, then click “Upload my document Then click “Upload My Document”, and then upload the PDF file to the website for conversion according to the prompt, where you can also set the background color, music and other information for the online eBook (Figure 1).


Figure 1 Convert documents

Tip: If you want to convert common DOC, PPT and other documents into online books, then you can use Word 2016, PPT 2016, etc., open the document and click “File → Export → Create PDF/XPS” to convert the file to PDF and then upload it.

After the file is converted, you will see the converted book in “My Books”, click on the prompt to start reading, the converted book is very similar to the online e-book, we can use the mouse to turn the page directly on the computer to read (Figure 2).


Figure 2 Read the converted book

Of course this online book can also be forwarded to WeChat and QQ friends by clicking the Share button on the above page, and then send a similar这样的网址复制. So that when we need to share a PDF document of more than 25MB with our WeChat friends. Just first convert it into an online document by the above method, and then launch the shared URL to your friends. Friends in WeChat directly open the link in it, in WeChat you can directly read, save the direct transmission of PDF and WeChat 25MB file size limit, because here to share just a URL (Figure 3).


Figure 4 Insert web code

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