Does high-frequency memory work? These games tell you

The memory price has seen a new low, the partners should be selected when they go out? The newest and most popular of these is the DDR4 3000/3200, but why do they have to reach the CPU’s “standard” frequency, when a lower one won’t do? And what about the higher? I’ll explain it through several games today.


I test platform is i5-8600K + GTX 1080 Ti, with the highest quality running 3A games properly, will never become a “bottleneck”, so the performance gap all depends on the memory. DDR4 2666 is the processor “standard” frequency, DDR4 2800/3000 on behalf of the configuration of a higher state of memory, while DDR4 2400 is similar to the future platform using DDR4 3000.



Ghost Recon: Wilderness Test




GTA5 test




Fortnite test




Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Shadow of the Tomb Raider test

From the test results, DDR4 3000 performance clearly exceeds DDR4 2666, the difference in most games and scenarios is still quite obvious, as for the DDR4 3200 with a greater difference in frequency, although the frame rate also has a certain increase, but the difference is already very small, it can be seen that more than the standard too much high-frequency memory, the role of performance improvement is no longer obvious, this is more obvious in another test performance.


DDR4 2400 in many cases between the performance of DDR4 2133 and DDR4 2666, but most games and scenarios significantly closer to DDR4 2666. can be seen a lower grade of memory is also more practical, will not significantly drag the leg, DDR4 3000 memory in the future to support DDR4 3200 platform should not be an obvious shortcomings.


Taking into account current and future application capabilities as well as current market prices, DDR4 3200 should be the highest choice for the average user and it is not recommended to purchase expensive DDR4 3333/3466 memory. For users who are already using DDR4 3000, they can consider buying DDR4 3000 extended capacity directly, unless the price is very close, there is no need to spend more money to pursue DDR4 3200.


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