Don’t ignore your phone’s emergency call function

The 2018 hitchhiking accident has sounded the alarm for many users that danger is all around you and me. In order to cope with random emergencies, many Android phones have integrated SOS emergency call functions in the system, and finding and turning them on is a must-do homework after buying a new phone.

05wjccs sos 01

Huawei / Honor phone in the “Settings → Security and Privacy” can be found in the “SOS emergency help” option, where you can add emergency contacts (Figure 1), in case of danger without pulling out the phone, just click the power button five times in a row (either bright screen or rest screen is effective) will send emergency contacts with the current location information of the help SMS (Figure 2), to a certain extent to play a role in early warning.

05wjccs sos 02

OPPO phone can see the “SOS emergency contact” option in “Settings → Security”, which can also be activated by pressing the power button 5 times in a row (Figure 3).

05wjccs sos 03

However, the OPPO phone’s SOS mechanism differs from Huawei’s in that the logic is to first dial the default number of 110, 119 or 120, and then send a help message to the added emergency contact with the current location, a photo of the current environment and a 5-second recording (Figure 4).

05wjccs sos 04

Most other brands of cell phones also provide similar functions, and all we need to pay attention to after activation is to avoid (continuously) touching the power button by mistake. At the same time, because the help SMS involves positioning, so do not block the SMS APP to get location information (and networking) and other permissions Oh.

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