Don’t just focus on the new sharp dragon more cost-effective configuration this way to see

The third generation of Rex listed to attract the attention of many partners, but the price is still a bit that. For now installed, the money is not rich partners, why not look lower, the price is more affordable second-generation Rex to understand? Take advantage of the second generation of price cuts to save a computer with adequate performance, cheap price and good upgrade potential.


With the second generation of Raron price adjustment, now it and the third generation of Raron price gap is much larger than the performance gap, the board U set will be more affordable, with the motherboard price is also lower than the counterpart of the third generation of Raron. And among them, the Rex 5 2600 is already higher than the recommended configuration for most 3A games and mid- to high-end applications, and the performance of the Rex 7 2700 is not obsolete for quite some time, all of which are good choices.


When you choose a motherboard, you definitely want to be able to upgrade to the third generation of Rex smoothly in the future, but also to be able to use the powerful PCIe 4.0 SSD and graphics card. In fact, this is not a problem, because after upgrading to the third generation of Dragon, the processor will also provide 20 PCIe 4.0 channels, generally to one or two graphics card slot and PCIe ×4 channel M.2 interface use, as long as the motherboard do not cut corners, upgrade three generations of Dragon after these interfaces will naturally become the speed of PCIe 4.0.


As for the money saved, you can consider putting on the graphics card, memory, SSD, upgrade them a grade, the experience can be significantly improved, save as a future upgrade funds is also a good choice. So let’s take a look at what the second generation of Rex platform configurations are now at a very high price/performance ratio.

● Mainstream gaming configuration


The Rex 5 with RX 580 and 8GB of RAM is fully capable of meeting the needs of today’s families and mainstream gamers, and the performance is certainly not outdated in recent times. The motherboard and power supply also leave room for future upgrades of memory, CPU, and graphics cards.

● High-end gaming, professional configuration


The 8-core 16-thread configuration of the Dragon 7 2700 plus 16GB of memory, coupled with a high-speed SSD can support many high-end applications, do a map, processing a video are no problem, with the GTX 1660 can also gallop in the gaming battlefield for two or three years. The overall price of this configuration is lower than the 3700X + X570 by more than half, and the price/performance ratio is nothing to say.

I would like to remind you that after the third generation of Sharon is listed, of course, AMD’s own product price response is the fastest, after Intel processors will probably also have a fluctuating work, there must be some price adjustments, I fan partners must also pay attention to the Oh.


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