Double 11 is here again, the chopping preparation first do

The calendar flips, November and again, online shoppers should start to get a little excited, because double 11 is close at hand, many of the good things that I’ve been thinking about for a year can finally be bought at a low price, which is waiting for the installation or upgrade of the partners must also have a lot. Although the discount every year, but each year the product, the price is certainly not the same, so we want to fully enjoy the benefits of double 11, or to be prepared to understand the hot double 11 this year.


Memory is something that can be used for both small upgrades and installations, and it just so happens that prices have recently started to loosen up again. In anticipation of price cuts, it’s no surprise that manufacturers are taking advantage of the double 11 to “do favors” and give a good price. Some brands have recently reported a price of $199 for DDR4 2666 8GB, with a higher price ratio for 16GB capacity.


To change the processor partners can focus on the sharp dragon 7 3800X, double 11 price is only 100 yuan more expensive than the 3700X. Its base frequency is much higher than the 3700X, multi-threaded applications, such as doing video, processing large tables, speed are significantly faster. However, its maximum frequency is close to the 3700X, and the game performance is not much improved.


The Core i5-9400F and the Rex 5 3500X have just started to love each other. The Core i5-9400F and Rex 5 3500X have just started to love each other recently. 3500X has just been listed, and they have grouped together to drop 80 yuan/50 yuan, and they are not hanging double 11 label price, and as the official date approaches, there will probably be better prices. In addition, the previous price adjustment of the Core F processor also has the price did not drop to the bit, you can also pay attention to the next.


The GTX 1660 Super’s standard price is around $1799, but there are many listings set at $1999, with room for price cuts. In addition to its listing, forcing rivals RX 590, their own little brother GTX 1660, etc. to adjust prices or even dump, double 11 should have a lot of concessions, we are ready to “pick up” it.


The bottom line is that it is best for everyone to make a configuration list in advance and save the price so as not to be cheated by products that increase in price first and then decrease in price. If you are not sure of the authenticity of the daily and discounted prices, you can also use third-party price tracking sites to check. From the historical information of these sites can also be seen, the price on the day of the double 11 event should also have a small adjustment, then, first to our shopping cart.


In addition, we should not forget that monitors, keyboards and mice a class of peripherals is also a good choice for upgrading, their low-end products do not have much profit margin, the price reduction will not be large, but the price of e-sports products are still somewhat inflated, small money money enough, the high-end products can be concerned about.


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