Software recommendation: drag and drop video quickly to Gif

Although Gif animation is no longer the scenery of the past, but its application on the network is still very popular, such as WeChat, QQ and other social tools in the dynamic expression is Gif format. Generally do-it-yourself Gif will be very troublesome, so many people have a lazy way to use the video directly to Gif animation through tools. Today I will introduce you a simple and fast way to convert video to Gif.

One Drag and Drop Gifski

There is an App named Gifski ( on Apple system, which is a super simple interface after running (Figure 1). We find the video file to be converted, drag and drop it directly into the Gifski interface, and then in the Then in the pop-up dialog box, set the size, frame rate and quality of the Gif animation, as well as the location to save the Gif animation, and then click the “Convert” button to convert it (Figure 2).



Windows Command Line Quick Conversion

Gifski can also be used under Windows platform, but there is no graphical interface, so you can directly use the command line to achieve this. First, visit, click the link “For Windows and Debian download the latest version” to download the Gifski zip file, unzip it and get the Gifski file in the “Win Gifski.exe file in the “Win” directory. We also need an auxiliary software, visit to download and get the Windows version of Ffmpeg.exe file.

To facilitate the operation, create a simple folder with C drive, and put the above two files together with the video files to be converted into this folder (C:Gifski for this article).

Press Win+R to open the Run box, type cmd and press Enter to start the Command Prompt window, execute the command “cd c:gifski” to enter the folder you just created, and then execute the following command (Figure 3).

ffmpeg -i mov001.mkv frame%04d.png


The first parameter after “i” is the video file to be decomposed, and the second is the format of the decomposed image. When you open the C:Gifski folder, you can see that the video has been decomposed into one image file starting with “frame” (Figure 4).


Continue with the following command to combine all the images broken out above into a Gif animation.

gifski -o anim.gif frame*.png

The first parameter after “o” is the name of the Gif file after compositing, and the next parameter is the name of all the images starting with “frame”. During the execution of the command, the progress of the composition will be displayed in real time (Figure 5).


After composing, go to C:Gifski folder to find the composited Anim.gif file, and now you can use it in WeChat, Weibo, forums, etc.

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