Duplicating, moving, and pasting text in Microsoft PowerPoint 2019

You can duplicate, move, and paste text using the keyboard shortcutkeys. This skill has been addressed in the previous chapters of thisbook. The keyboard shortcut keys are the quickest way to achieve themove and copy actions;use Ctrl + C forcopy, Ctrl + X forcut,and Ctrl + V forpaste. You can also use the right-click method – click onan object or select some text to copy or cut (move), right-click it, andchoose the option you desire, that is, either Copy or Cut. Then, right-click in the presentationwhere you would like to position the object or text and select Paste. 

Note that there are numerous paste options in Office 2019, depending onthe object you have cut or copied. To paste without formatting, selectthe Text-only option.

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