Software recommendations: dynamic monitoring of file changes

If we want to know the changes of files in a folder, do we need to manually compare the records of the file list one by one? No, you can easily monitor the changes of files in a folder by using a Windows File Tools software.

When we need to monitor the changes of files in a folder, first launch Windows File Tools and click the Options button to set it up (Figure 1).


The first thing you need to do is to set the paths to be monitored. Click on the + button to the right of Paths to Monitor to add a folder to monitor, and you can add multiple folders at the same time (Figure 2). If the default setting of No items is used, it means that all files are monitored for changes.


Tip: This software also supports monitoring of network shared folders. To make it easier, you can map the shared folder to a drive letter first.

Note that the Events to Monitor list at the top of the path is a list of selected monitoring conditions, which is a multi-selection window that allows you to select multiple conditions at the same time. To monitor new files, select the File Creation option; to monitor new folders, select the Folder Creation option; to monitor deleted files, select Files Deletion; to monitor deleted folders, select Folder Deletion; to monitor files or folders whose attributes have changed, select Attributes Has Changed; to monitor files with changed file names, select Rename Files; to monitor folders that have been renamed, select Rename Folder; to monitor updated files, select Update File; to monitor updated folders, select Update Folder.

After setting the monitoring conditions, click the Start button to start monitoring. After that, the event window will show the changes of the files (Figure 3).


If you want to export the record of file changes to a file, click the three-horizontal icon in the upper right corner and select Export To File in the menu to export the record file (Figure 4).


Tip: Monitoring will only work if you keep the monitoring software running. The software will automatically refresh and display changes to files or folders. Minimizing the monitoring window will not affect the monitoring effect. Simply activate the window when you need to view it. When minimizing continuous monitoring, there is no indication of file changes, but the file changes are recorded in the information window as a time trail, so we just need to remember the last time point and open the monitoring window again to see the file changes.


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