Software recommendation: easily get Microsoft or Apple style icons

To convert your favorite pictures into icons, you usually need to use special icon making software to do it. And to make Apple or Microsoft style icons, it will test your design level even more. If your design and production level is limited and you don’t want to install software, you can search online or automatically create Microsoft or Apple style icons through web online service.


First of all, open the browser to visit网站, you can see two blue rectangular buttons, Search icons button provides icon search service, from here you can get the ready-made icons you need by keywords; when the search can not meet the demand, you can use the Upload button to make icons online by uploading images (Figure (Figure 1). 1.

1. Get ready-made icons directly

If you need a certain icon, you can try to get it by searching first. Enter the keyword of the icon in the search box (note that this is an English website and does not support Chinese keyword search, so you have to replace the Chinese requirement with English keyword to search). For example, to search for “food” related icons, enter the keyword food and click on the Search icons icon, then all food related icons will appear (Figure 2).


With the Icon size slider bar, you can adjust the size of the icon; with the subsequent selection list, you can filter by copyright free level; with the last four buttons, you can set the background of the icon (white, black, transparent, color custom). Once you find the image in the list, click on it and select “Save as” to download the icon to your local area. 2.

2. Transform existing images into icons

If you can’t get a satisfactory icon by searching, you can make an icon from a ready-made picture. If you already have a local image, select “From Computer” option in the creation page, then click Upload button to load and upload the image; then, in the parameter setting window, set the file format, color, background, contrast, brightness, icon size and other parameters of the generated icon (Figure 3). Note that the generated image will be displayed only after 10 minutes for unregistered users using this function as a visitor, but there is no such delay after registration and login. After the image is displayed, press the download button to download it to the local area.


If the picture of the icon is from the web link, directly check the “From web” option in the production page, then paste the picture URL into the box below and click Upload button to automatically extract the web picture and upload it to complete the conversion from picture to icon (Figure 4). The subsequent operation is similar to the above operation process.


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