Mobile Crosstalk: Easily restore the initial state of the app

The easiest way to clear your phone’s data is to restore factory settings. However, sometimes we just want to delete the data and setting information generated by individual app. At this time, how to do it?

When it comes to clearing the data of individual APPs, I believe many users can think of uninstalling and reinstalling it so that all the data about it will be gone. However, reinstallation means you need to download the apk installation file again, which is a waste of traffic and time. In fact, Android system has provided us with a function to quickly restore the initial state of the specified APP.

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Take OPPO phone as an example, you can see the list of all the APPs installed in your phone in the “Settings→Application Management” interface, and you can also select the system APP by clicking “Show System Process”. For example, when we want to clear QQ data, we can simply find and click the QQ icon, then click “Storage” and select “Clear data” and “Clear cache” to uninstall and reinstall. You can also re-install it.

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This method can also solve the problem of inexplicable malfunction of phone functions, such as the camera does not start, the alarm clock does not sound, often flashing, etc. Just find the app corresponding to the malfunction and clear its data and cache.

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