Software recommendation: easy to modify the file three time attributes

The time attributes of a file include creation time, modification time, access time, etc. These attributes can be viewed through the right-click menu of the file “Details” list item in Windows Explorer, or through the file “Properties” window. However, the above methods can only view the time attributes of the file, but cannot modify the three time attributes of the file. If you need to modify a certain time attribute of a file, you can use two tools to do so.

1. Modify time attributes with NewFileTime software

We can use NewFileTime, a free software, to modify the time attribute of a file. When running NewFileTime software for the first time, you can choose the software language while accepting the agreement and select “Simplified Chinese” to Chineseize the software.

If you want to modify a time attribute of a file, first use the “Import” button to import the file into the file list. You can also import the file list by dragging and dropping. When adding files by dragging and dropping, you can include subfolders, which can be selected by the “Import” menu, or by the “Add files by dragging and dropping” menu. Then, set the date parameters through the selection boxes behind “Modify Date”, “Create Date” and “Access Date”, and click the = button on the front after setting to Click the = button on the front end to make the settings effective (Figure 1).



As an additional feature, NewFileTime can also generate file list records, which can be exported and also imported for reprocessing. Both operations can be done by simply clicking on the Export and Import commands under the “=>txt<=” menu (Figure 2).


2. Modify time attributes with “Mopup Renamer

The above software is designed to change the time attributes of a file. We can also use the additional functions of file renaming software to accomplish this task, for example, using Mopup Renamer software, which can also change the three date parameters of a file.

After dragging the file to the list window of the mop-up renamer software, click the clock button at the back of the toolbar to bring up the “Change File Date” dialog box, in which you can select or enter settings for the three date parameters: creation date, access date and modification date, and click “OK” after setting. After setting, click “OK” (Figure 3).


Mop Renamer is also capable of handling files in multi-level folders, in addition to the properties of the folders themselves. The settings are made through the “Settings” window of the software, and under the “General Parameters” tab, the options “Ignore Folders” and “Iterate through Folders Under the “General Parameters” tab, the options “Ignore Folders” and “Traverse All Files Under Folders” determine whether the folders and the files under them are included (Figure 4).


In addition, the mop renamer can also generate a list of files, which can be done through the two buttons Import and Export TXT on the toolbar.

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