Office hacks: easy to play PPT second hand countdown

There are many scenarios in our daily work where we use countdown timers, such as math class where the teacher lets students experience how long a minute is, speech contests or sports events where the countdown timer is used and so on. We don’t have to waste money to buy a stopwatch, through the combination of Fireworks and PowerPoint, you can easily create a free countdown timer tool.

Edit the second hand picture in Fireworks

To make a rotating animation of a picture in PowerPoint, you must ensure that the height of the whole picture of the second hand (diameter) is twice the height of the center point to the end of the second hand (radius), only then the second hand rotates realistically and naturally. Use Fireworks, just adjust the height of the canvas, you can meet the requirements of the second hand used in the PPT.

Run Fireworks and open the downloaded picture of the second hand (Figure 1), and then use the QQ screenshot tool to intercept the second hand from the center to the end of the dot and save it to the desktop.


Right-click the picture, select “Properties”, open the “Details” tab (Figure 2), you will find that the height of the second hand picture from the center to the end of the dot is 260 pixels. Finally, click the “Canvas Size” button shown in Figure 1, will have opened the second hand picture canvas height modified to 520 pixels, and save the picture as a PNG format for backup.


Design the countdown interface

Start PowerPoint 2016, create a new PPT document named “Countdown.PPTX” and save it, then in the “Insert” tab, click the “Picture button in the “Insert” tab to insert the background image prepared in advance (Figure 3). The background image will be inserted in the “Insert” tab.


Follow the same steps, insert a PNG format picture of a clock, insert a PNG format picture of the second hand, and adjust their position and size. Then create a new blank slide, insert a reminder of the time of the picture (such as hot air balloons), enter the text “time to”, set the font, font size and color parameters, such as hot air balloons and text combination to a piece (Figure 4). Finally, the reminder image hot air balloon copied to the dial where the slide and arranged.


Tip: If a slide contains multiple elements overlapping together, you can first edit in a draft slide, and then copy to the official slide in the order of overlap. This operation, seemingly more trouble, but to avoid the possibility of error because of misuse, but to improve efficiency.

Adding animations

After the clock countdown interface is designed, you want to make it “move” and have the time reminder function, but also to add animation effects to it.

First select the hot air balloon picture shown in Figure 3 to move it to the side, and select the added, pointing to the 12 seconds picture (Figure 5), and then in the “Animation” tab, click “Add Animation → More Emphasis Effect → Tour Spiral”, to add it A gyroscope animation effect.


Double-click the “Animation Pane” in the newly appeared “picture” animation options, open the “Tour Spiral” dialog box, the “period” parameter set to the total duration of the countdown (such as “60” seconds), and click the “OK” button can be (Figure 6).


Tip: Because one revolution of the second hand is 60 seconds, which is exactly 360°, that is, the second hand rotates 6° in 1 second. So if the total duration of the countdown is other time (e.g. 100 seconds), you need to change the value of the “Number” parameter in the “Effect” tab from “360° clockwise” to “600° clockwise” (6° × 100 = 600°, Figure 7). Other lengths, and so on.


Reminder animation added

Move the reminder balloon image back to its original position and select it, then click “Add Animation→Fly In” to add a fly-in animation effect for the reminder balloon. Double-click the corresponding animation option that appears in the “Animation Pane” (such as “Combination 1”), open the “Timing” tab of the “Fly-In” dialog box. tab of the “Fly-in” dialog box, set the “Start” parameter to “After previous animation” and the “Duration” parameter to ” Very fast”. Finally, set the “Direction” parameter in the “Effect” tab of the “Fly-in” dialog box to “From bottom” and Click the “OK” button.

After the above steps, the countdown timer gadget with the seconds hand walking animation effect is ready, press the F5 shortcut key and click the mouse anywhere on the slide, the countdown timer gadget seconds hand from the position of the number 12, it began to go forward (Figure 8), and the pre-set countdown time is over, then remind the time to the balloon will fly in from the bottom to the location of the balloon shown in Figure 1 . Of course, the length of the countdown is also very easy to modify, only need to modify the “period” parameter in Figure 3 and the “number” parameter in the “Effect” tab can be.


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