2 Methods to Edit Audio in MP4 Files (Online tool included)

The multimedia experience includes awesome audio that will make the audiences feel more connected to the experience. But, what if you are a beginner that’s struggling to edit your audio in mp4 or the editor that is overwhelmed by the various options of video editors that exist?

Want to know how to edit your audio in mp4 files? Then this article can guide you on editing it to suit your needs. We have two methods that will be used here. One is using Movavi software while the other is using Flixier. By reading this, it will save you the time and headache of testing the different video editors out there.

Method 1: Edit Audio in MP4 Using Movavi software

Download the software if you don’t have it already. A tutorial will appear and carefully read it to have a clue on the basics of it.

Adding mp4 video files and audio clips

Open the application and don’t be overwhelmed by the many details. If you want to import and add mp4 video files just go to the Import tab and click the Add Media files.

word image

Decide the kind of audio that will fit your mp4 video file. You can also choose from the Sounds and Music. word image 1

To save time, you can upload all the mp4 video and audio files that you plan on using in the Media bin.

word image 2

Another option would be making your own recording. You can record your own audio by clicking Record audio and selecting your preferred volume and checking the box if you want to play the video during recording. Be sure to check if the Audio device is the one you intended to use for recording. word image 3

Arranging your mp4 video files and audio files

Changed your mind about the sequence of the mp4 video files and audio clips? Then just simply drag and drop them in any part of the mp4 video file.

word image 4

You can split the audio into two using the Split button (scissor icon). Just select a part in the audio that you want to split and your guide on that would be the red line.

word image 5

You can overlap the audio by simply dragging the file and placing them on top of each other. Experiment with what you think would combine and sound pleasant.

word image 6

Adjust audio properties

Click on the Clip properties to see what you can adjust in your audio. Remember, that for each one you can adjust it differently. For example, the volume for each clip can be adjusted to be lower or higher than the others. The speed is also crucial to manipulate to achieve the kind of tempo that you want.

word image 7
word image 8

Removing audio from your videos

Some of your mp4 video files may contain audio that you don’t like to be included. When you import your mp4 file it immediately splits the two into separate clips. Just select the audio clip and press the Delete button if you want it to be removed.

word image 9

More audio editing tools

If you want special effects and enhancements for your audio then click on More Tools. Select Audio editing to show the options you have to improve your current audio clip.

word image 10

Overall, the experience has been great for using this video editor. If you get easily discouraged by the complexity of an application then, this is the one you need. The ease of its interface makes the transition great if you’re used to other applications. The features are simple and easy to understand. You can practice mixing and manipulation your audio files in your mp4 video files.

Method 2: Edit Audio in MP4 Files Online Using Flixier

No need to install anything on your computer. Flixier is an online editor that just requires you to create a Free Flexier account. You can even see your other tabs while this application is open. Less to worry if you have notifications on other tabs.

Below is what will welcome you on Flexier. Don’t panic, it will be a smooth journey on learning this.

word image 11

Step 1: Adding your mp4 video files and audio files

Click the Library tab to import mv4 video files and audio clips.

word image 12

By clicking on the Import button you can have options to upload your mp4 video files. Explore what would fit your needs as a creator.

word image 13
word image 14

You can also record on your own just click the Record button and pick the layout that you prefer.

word image 15

Selecting the Audio layout will allow you to record sounds. Make sure to check if your preferred recording device is selected.

word image 16

After recording you can review the audio quality. Select the Save button if you’re satisfied on the other hand press the Reset button.

word image 17

You could also choose from the Music assets that are available.

word image 18

Step 2: Editing the audio in the mp4 file

If your mp4 video files are ready then it is time to make the adjustments.

Detach Audio from the video

Not all sounds can be used from your recorded or selected mp4 video file. The Detach Audio feature can separate this into two clips.

word image 19

Import the mp4 video file and right click it. You will see the option to Detach audio.

word image 20

Below is an illustration of a mp4 video file on Flixier.

word image 21

Drag the yellow line towards the part of the mp4 video file that you want to cut. Then, select the Cut button.

word image 22

Adjusting the volume

Part of editing a mp4 video file is adjusting its volume. It is located on the upper right side just below the transitions.

word image 23

Fade in and Fade out

Select the mp4 video file that you want to have a Fade in/out. Click the add Fade in/out and the blue mark indicates how long is the transition in the mp4 video file. Adjust it to how long or short you want it to be.

word image 26

Step 3: Exporting the video

If you’re satisfied with the end result then it is time to share your work. Choose which format and the quality that you want to be published. You can also select where else it should be published.

word image 31

Flixier is a great tool that you can use to collaborate well with your fellow creators. The advantage of not needing it to be installed in your computer means that you can use any of your other devices and you don’t have to worry about the video editor crashing. As long as you have the internet connection then you’re ready to produce great videos with good audios.

The Bottom Line

Indeed, there are a lot of options in today’s time. This article’s demonstration of the two illustrates why you should try using Movavi software and Flixier. After all, audio should not be neglected in the process. So, it is essential that you can use these tools to improve your product. After reading all of that you will have a clue on how to navigate the in and outs of a video editing tool.

At the end of the day, it depends on you as the user to find what suits you best as a video editor.

Try these two on your own and let me know your thoughts and experiences.

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