Editing AutoFormat Options in Microsoft Word 2019

It is important to know how Word 2019 works and where to adjustoptions within the environment. The AutoFormat option is located in the WordOptions dialog box. Let’s have a lookat where the Replace text as youtype option is located for bulleted and numbered lists, asfollows:

  1. Create a new document, or open an existing document in Word2019.
  2. Click on File | Options
  3. Choose the Proofing category on the leftof the screen, as illustrated in the following screenshot:
ms office 369
  1. Click on the AutoCorrectOptions… button to change how Word corrects and formats text asyou type.
  2. There are numerous tabs displayed in the AutoCorrect dialog box. These contain lotsof options that allow you to customize the environment efficiently.Select the AutoFormat As You Type tab,shown in the following screenshot:
ms office 590
  1. The options that enable automatic bulleted and numbered lists arelocated under the Apply as you typesection. These are enabled, as they contain a checkmark. If you disablethese two options, automatic lists will not be created as you type inWord 2019. 

If any changes are made to these options, you will need to commit thechanges by clicking on the OK buttonat the very bottom of the dialog box.

Note that when changing options in the Word environment, the changesreplace the default settings in the whole of the Word 2019 environmentand not just for the current document.

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