Editing the citation style in Microsoft Word 2019

There are various citation styles to choose from, such as the popularAPA or Harvard. To select a different citationstyle, simply click the drop-down arrow of the citation marker andchoose the preferred style. Then, the bibliography will be updatedautomatically.

You can add page numbers to a citation marker in the document orsuppress information related to the author, year, and title. Followthese steps to edit your citation:

  1. Click on a citation marker in the document.
  2. Choose Edit Citation from the listprovided:
ms office 471
  1. For this example, we will add the page number for the currentlyselected citation:
ms office 341
  1. Type the page number that the citation refers to into theplaceholder provided.
  2. Click on the OK button to updatethe citation within the document.

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