Mobile String Burner: Effective management of voice files in WeChat

As WeChat has become more and more popular and widely used, a lot of work has been transferred from QQ to WeChat, and many requests from customers/leaders are given by way of voice. The problem is that sometimes our phone will automatically delete the cached information in WeChat, which will cause the voice tasks to be forgotten by us. So, how to manage and backup the voice files in WeChat quickly and effectively?

No one knows more about WeChat data than Tencent, so we recommend you to install the latest version of Tencent File Manager. After you open it, click the “WeChat Files” button in the toolbar, then the manager will scan the data in WeChat and classify the data found one by one.

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Then click on the “Voice” button in the toolbar to sort the files by time or people, which will help users find the voice files they need easily.

When we find the voice file we want to manage, we can long press on the file to select it.

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Then by using the buttons in the toolbar below, you can transfer, backup, delete and other related operations of voice files.

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For example, if we need to do a backup operation, first click the “Cloud Backup” button in the toolbar, and then use your QQ account to log in in the pop-up dialog box. After successful login, the file will be backed up to the corresponding WeCloud space, and we can browse the voice file in WeCloud space at any time in the future.

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