System hacks: Emergency start disk manager

Disk Manager is often used when adding new drives or formatting disks. However, in the process of using Windows 10, sometimes due to system problems or program conflicts, the “Disk Management” or “This PC” right-click menu “Manage The “Management” item in the Start menu or the “This PC” context menu is not available. In such an emergency situation, how can we start Disk Manager in an emergency?

1. Go to the traditional Control Panel to start it

First of all, we can go to the traditional Control Panel and look for the Disk Management portal. Type “Control Panel” in the taskbar search box, select and launch the Control Panel window. Type “Disk Management” in the Control Panel search box and then click “Create and format hard disk partitions” in the search results to launch Disk Manager (Figure 1). 2.


Run Disk Management command directly

Press Win+R (or right-click the Start button and select Run) to launch the Run dialog box, and then type diskmgmt.msc command and Enter to start Disk Manager (Figure 2).


Alternatively, in a Command Prompt window or Windows PowerShell window, type diskmgmt and enter to start Disk Manager. 3.

3. Finding the tool’s executable program

Basically, Disk Manager is actually controlled by the diskmgmt.msc file located in the “WinodwsSystem32” path of the system partition. If the program is corrupted, you can copy it to the same version of the system to overwrite it. 4.


4. Emergency startup via Task Manager

If Explorer also has problems accessing it, you can try to start Disk Manager via Task Manager as an emergency. First, press Ctrl+Alt+Del, then select “Task Manager”, enter the Task Manager window, click “File→Run New Task”, in the pop-up New Task dialog box, type diskmgmt.msc, and at the same time Check the “Create this task with system administrator privileges” checkbox, and click the “OK” button to start Disk Manager (Figure 4). 5.


Using System Settings to find Disk Management

Although there is no “Disk Manager” in the system “Settings”, we can try to search for “Disk Management” and find that there is also “Create and format hard disk partitions”. Create and format hard disk partitions” item, click it to launch Disk Manager (Figure 5).


Of course, you can also find the “Create and format hard drive partition” item by searching for “Disk Management” in the search box in the taskbar, and clicking on it will also launch Disk Manager.

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