Emoticons are not enough, the system comes with emojis to help

Nowadays, when chatting with friends, expressions are almost completely constant, chat software and forum expressions always feel insufficient, and GIF expressions are cool, but they are not easy to find and cost traffic. In addition, you can only use character expressions in Word and text, although many input methods are very convenient to use character expressions now, but the performance is still greatly reduced, super unpleasant. The system has a lot of features that make it easy to use.


In fact, Windows comes with emoticons in Win10, and Win11 continues it. (period key), you can call out the emoji interface, and you can choose a variety of emoji such as face, character, food, holiday related, etc. The character emoji is not absent either.



These emoticons can be used in traditional chat forums, of course, and directly in various texts, but of course they will turn black and white in plain text files like TXT. But to store, you may need to change the code set.



If you are already using Win11, don’t hesitate to use the shortcut keys to open the emoji packs.



This is not all. If you like these emojis, hurry up and upgrade the latest Win11 update package, a lot of redrawn and new emojis should make you the most beautiful boy in the group. As for whether you want to share the source of these expressions with your friends, it’s up to you.



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