Enabling the AutoSave and AutoRecoverfeatures in Microsoft Word 2019

The AutoSave and AutoRecover tools within Word 2019 can be of greatvalue when unforeseen computer crashes happen while you are working ondocuments. Steps to set up both these tools are explained here:

  1. Select the File tab.
  2. Select Options from the listprovided.
  3. Click on the Save category to display theapplicable information.
  4. Enable SaveAutoRecover informationevery 2 minutes (you can change the time accordingto your usage) and Keep the lastAutoRecovered version if I close without saving sothat files can be recovered.
  5. Click the Browse… button to choose a folder on thehard drive, which will become the AutoRecover file location, orleave the default folder as-is.

Refer to the following screenshot to view the precedinginformation:

ms office 276

  1. Click on OK to commit the changes.

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