Entering data in non-contiguous ranges in Microsoft Excel 2019

A non-contiguous range means cells not next to each other. We willlearn how to select non-contiguous cells and then enter data into thisrange. Selecting using this method is also very useful when needing toapply formatting to selected cells at once.

  1. Click on a cell in the worksheet.
  2. While holding down the Ctrl keyboard key, select othercells in the worksheet.
  3. Let go of the Ctrl key and start typing values or text intothe selected cells.

To enter exactly the same cell content into non-contiguous cells(meaning cells not next to each other), this is possible using theCtrl + Enter key combination.

  1. Select a number of cells not next to each other by usingthe Ctrl + click method.
  2. Notice that one of the cells is lighter in selection than theothers—this is due to the lighter-shaded cell being the activecell.
  3. Enter data into the active cell, and before pressingthe Enter key as you would normallydo, hold down the Ctrl keyboard keyand press Enter on the keyboard. Theresult can be seen in the following screenshot:

ms office 164

  1. The value is copied into each selected cell automatically.

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