Entry-level game graphics card to buy who is good? This law to fail

999 yuan to 1500 yuan is a lot of gamers partners preferred graphics card price range. They may not be particularly bright performance, but in the acceptable image quality to play 3A games, smoothly in the online battle are no problem. Now to start, according to “buy new not old” this law, of course, the latest …… and so on, do not rush, let’s actually compare it.


When it comes to the latest $1,000 entry-level gaming graphics cards, the “new” ones are of course the GTX 1650, while the “old” ones are the GTX 1050/Ti and the GTX 1060, which have been reduced to under $1,500, as well as the RX 560 XT and RX 580 2048SP, and the RX 580. The N-card side first, the previous push to compare the GTX 1650 and GTX 1050 Ti, today the main comparison GTX 1060.


This comparison really sees the problem, adding 20% more price, you can get up to 40% of the lowest also has 20% performance improvement. And the performance increase generally exceeds the price difference, if enough money, GTX 1060 is obviously a better choice. But it has been determined to discontinue, there is no power to reduce the price, if the price sensitive how to do? Then let’s look at the A card side.


A generation of famous cards GTX 1060 has been discontinued

Now gathered in a similar price point of the A card is really quite a lot, RX 560 XT and RX 580 2048SP price point and GTX 1650 similar or slightly lower, RX 580 price point is a little higher, then we do not consider, only look at the first two suitable for price-sensitive players it.


The GPU brand does not have any requirements for the players partners must have been surprised, A card at this price point so “fragrant”? This is mainly because AMD temporarily lack of new architecture, can only play the price performance card, but in short, the benefit is still the players la. To say that these two cards have any drawbacks, is the power consumption than GTX 1650 some high, the best a 400W power supply to use to rest assured.


X 580 2048SP is a good value for money at the current price point

Although the law of “buy new, not old” is temporarily invalidated at this particular price point due to the special circumstances of the difficult production of AMD’s new GPU and the surprisingly fast delivery of the new N-card architecture, it does not mean that it is unreasonable. From the whole market and most of the product updates, this law is still very informative, is one of the important principles of our upgrade purchase, don’t doubt oh.


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