Office hacks: Excel can also be used to create beautiful charts

In order to better interpret some data or better express our ideas, we often include charts in our work reports or other documents. The most common way to create charts is to use Excel, PowerPoint and other professional software, if the current system does not have such software installed, then we may wish to borrow and online cloud services to achieve.

Select the desired chart template

We first open the Charts Factory cloud service home page (, the service does not require registration, nor does it require users to upload form files, so you can start creating charts right away. Next, click on the “Make a Chart” button on the web page, and you will see a chart template in the new page that pops up.


If you are not satisfied with the template type that pops up, you can click on the “Examples” option at the top of the page and see eight different template types in the pop-up page (Figure 1). Click on the “Edit chart” button to jump to the detailed page of the template, and then click on the “Edit chart” button on the right side of the page to start the creation process (Figure 2).


Tip: Charts Factory cloud service can be operated not only in your computer, but also in other terminal devices such as cell phones for editing operations.

Adding the corresponding data information

Now we just need to set the properties and parameters of the chart in the pop-up sidebar, and then we can easily create the chart. First set the name of the chart in the “Title” input box, then set the chart information in the “Label” input box, and set the color of the chart in the “Color” input box. Set the color of the chart in the “Color” input box. You can set the color in two ways: first, set the code for the color in the input box, or click on the color box at the back and select it according to your needs in the pop-up dialog.


The next step is to enter the data information in the chart, we first enter a name in “Name”, then enter the corresponding data in “Value”. After setting up, click the “Add row” button below, and the cloud service will automatically pop up the second data input box position, and so on we can enter each data completely (Figure 3). When the data are entered, they are carefully checked and verified, and if there are no problems, click the “Generate” button below, which will return to the template’s introduction page, thus showing a preview of the chart in the web page (Figure 4).


Choose multiple ways to share

Now click on the “Save as Image” button to the right of the chart preview to convert the chart to an image file and save it to your local hard drive. In addition, you can also click the “Create a Share Link” button on the right side, which will generate a share link for the chart. After copying the link, it can be inserted into websites, blogs and other related platforms, and can be easily shared to other users for viewing.


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