Office hacks: Excel how to achieve a key average?

When using Excel tables, we often encounter the problem of finding the average, but in the face of so much data content, how can we do more efficient to find its average and improve efficiency?


For example, we now want to calculate the average score of each person in the table, we can be in cell E2, enter the formula “=average (B2:D2)”.


At this point we get the average score of the first person, the left mouse button point in the lower right corner of the E2 table drop down, fill copy the formula to each person, so that we can get the average score of all people.


To put it another way, if we now ask for the average score of each subject, rather than each individual, we can enter the formula “=AVERAGE(B2:B7)” in cell B8, and then drag and drop the mouse to copy the formula to each subject cell, you can get the average score of all subjects in the exam.


The above is the first method, if you find it difficult to enter the formula, we can also use the mouse to select the operation to achieve this function. Method is the left mouse button to calculate the average of the results of the cell, and then switch the tab above to “Formula”, and then click the “Auto Sum” under the triangle, the drop-down menu, select “Average “, note that not directly click “Auto Sum”.


What? You still think the operation is too troublesome, but also want a more efficient way of operation? No problem, click the table in cell E2, and then hold down the ALT key on the keyboard, press the M key, U key, A key, respectively, will automatically add the average formula “=average (B2: D2)”, and then still the left mouse button to click the drop-down fill formula on it. This operation not only eliminates the trouble of manually entering the formula, but also does not require the mouse to keep clicking, is undoubtedly the most convenient operation, especially for users familiar with the keyboard keys, you can completely achieve the blind press operation, very efficient.

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