Office hacks: Excel progress percentage of the circle chart tricky beautification

In the use of Excel automatically generated percentage of the circle chart to indicate progress, if not decorated, it will look monotonous, boring, but if the fill color to change, plus the shadow effect, the generated circle chart will show a high (Figure 1). Next, let’s see how such a chart is made.


First, select the A1:C2 data area, switch to the “Insert” tab, click “Pie Chart→Circle Chart”, insert a circular chart; select the entire chart area, switch to “Chart Tools→Format “tab, set the height at the size of 5 cm, the width is set to 4 cm; modify the text content of the title, and then the title of the chart, the legend font can be set to a good-looking font, such as” Microsoft elegant black “. Select the circle chart, click “Shape Effect → Shading → External → Lower Right Oblique Offset” to add a shading effect to the chart; right-click in the blank area of the chart, select “Set Chart Area Format”, in the “Chart Options → Fill and Line” tab, set the background color to “Solid Fill”, select “White, Background 1, Dark 5%” at the color, which is slightly gray (Figure 2).


Select the whole chart, copy and paste 4 copies (of course, you can determine as needed); right-click the second chart, select “Select Data”, select “Part A” in the pop-up window of “Legend Item”, click “Edit”, select “A3” in the new window of “Series Name”, and select “A3” in the series value. “, click “Edit”, in the new window that pops up, select “A3” at the “series name”, and select “B3:C3” at the series value. “B3:C3”, and so on; hold down the Ctrl key, select 5 groups of charts at the same time, switch to the “Format” tab, click “Align→Vertical Center”, make it Align on a line, and then click “Align → Horizontal Distribution”, so that the five groups of charts evenly across the row. Next, set the color, you can color it according to your own preference, each group of charts with a different color, so that the effect will be better. The color of the unfinished part of the circle can be set to the light color of the finished color; the title color can be set according to the color of the circle (Figure 3).


Finally, insert labels for each chart, mainly to enter the percentage completion data. Insert a text box, set its fill color as “no fill”, line as “no line”, left and right upper and lower margins are set to 0 cm; select the text box, enter “=$B$2” in the formula editing bar “, set the font, font size and color, drag and drop it into the chart in Part A, and the chart alignment; copy this text box, paste out 4 copies, in the formula editing bar to modify the corresponding value, the four text boxes are aligned with the corresponding chart, select the first text box, double-click the format brush, respectively, brush other text boxes. In this way, a beautified version of the circle chart is successfully produced (Figure 4).



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