System hacks: Explorer navigation items “please out please in”

The “Quick Access” in the File Explorer navigation bar can be convenient, but if you forget to clean up the usage trail, it may reveal the privacy of your operations. If you remove it completely through the settings, you can prevent privacy leakage, but it is not conducive to quick access. What can we do? In fact, we can add a “Favorites” to the navigation bar after removing “Quick Access” completely, and then add some non-private items to the “Favorites” manually at any time. The above contradictions can be solved.

1. Remove “Quick Access” from the navigation pane

If you don’t want to see traces of “Quick Access” in the navigation pane, you can simply make a temporary blocking setting in the “File Explorer Options” window (Figure 1).


However, this only eliminates the contents of the “Quick Access”, the “Quick Access” item is still there, we can use the registry to modify the method to completely remove the “Quick Access” item. 2.

Adding or removing “Favorites” from the navigation pane

We can add “Favorites” to the Explorer navigation pane automatically through a REG script “Add Favorites.REG”, the content of the script is shown in the figure (Figure 2).


If you don’t like to enter the script manually, you can download this REG script file (link:, extraction code:jvy8). After downloading, run the REG file and confirm with the UAC prompt to import the items into the registry. Finally, restart Windows Explorer and check the icons in the navigation bar to see if there are new “Favorites” (Figure 3).


To remove Favorites from the navigation pane of File Explorer, open the Registry Editor, then navigate to the following paths one by one and delete the {323CA680-C24D-4099-B94D-446DD2D7249E} entry (Figure 4).






Finally restart Windows Explorer and you will find that the Favorites icon has been removed from it.


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