Exploring the Interface and FormattingElements in Microsoft Word 2019

Welcome to the first chapter of Learn Microsoft Office2019This chapter will show you how to create, manipulate,and work with documents using Microsoft Word 2019. You’ll learn aboutthe interface layout and the ribbon elements, as well as how tocustomize the default behavior.

We will look at controlling the font attributes, creating a style tospeed up the document formatting process, changing the spacing ofparagraphs, and looking at the text alignment options. In addition, youwill learn how to use Word 2019 to create, print, and reviewprofessional-looking documents.

The following list of topics is covered in thischapter:

  • An overview of the interface features
  • Creating and opening documents
  • Selecting, rearranging, and duplicating text
  • Setting the printing options
  • Formatting text, styles, and paragraphs

The skills mentioned in this chapter are important for building upyour confidence to work on the later chapters of this book.

The various interface features we will talk about span across allof the Microsoft Office suite applications and can be accessed and usedusing the same method shown for Word 2019.

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