Exporting a file as a previous version  in Microsoft Office 2019

  1. Open the SSGreenGroupCC.pptx presentation.
  2. Click on File | Export.
  3. Click on Change File Type.
  4. Choose a Presentation FileTypes option from the list provided. For this example, we willchoose PowerPoint 97-2003Presentation (*.ppt):

ms office 72

  1. Click on Save As,then navigate to a folder location to save the presentation to.
  2. Change the name of the presentation (if required) and clickon Save tosave the changes. The compatibility checker populates with any errorsthat may be found due to elements of PowerPoint not being available inprevious versions.
  3. Click OK to continue:
ms office 593

The presentation title bar reflects that the presentation is saved ina previous version (.pptin the filenameand [CompatibilityMode] is noted after the filename. Please note thatthe preceding explanation applies to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access2019.

A presentation that contains SmartArt, 3D models, master slide elements,or any new functionality that is not available in previous versions ofPowerPoint will not be exported. You will be notified about whichelements are troublesome and they will be removed from the presentationor converted into static elements.

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