Exporting files by changing the file type in Microsoft Office 2019

Exporting is such a useful feature when working with documents,presentations, and workbooks. All of these files can be saved astemplates and to previous versions; the process for doing so is exactlythe same for all. 

Although the exporting methods for each of the Office 2019applications are the same, some applications obviously have additionalexport methods due to the nature of the application. 

For instance, PowerPoint 2019 has a number of export methods;not only are you able to export presentations to previous versions ofPowerPoint or as a template, but you can also save presentations as ashow so that the presentation startsplaying automatically inslideshow view when clickedon. You can also save a presentation as apicture presentation and export slides as image files foruse in other applications or presentations. We will cover all of theseprocesses in this section.

Moreover, we will work with videos to package a presentation for a CDand automatically update handouts in Microsoft Word 2019 to edit apresentation. 

We will demonstrate these processes (and more) using one of theOffice 2019 applications, but you can replicate theprocesses in the other applications by following the samesteps!

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