Exporting presentations as a video (PowerPointonly) in Microsoft Office 2019

PowerPoint 2019 allows you to convert videos into large-screenplayback using the Ultra HighDefinition (UHDor4K formats. In this section, you will create a video from an existingpresentation and learn how to set the video size and qualityoutput. Creating a video from your presentation offers youthe ability to publish your presentation to the web, send it via email,or save it to a DVD or CD.

PowerPoint 2019 allows you to save presentations in theWindows Media Video(.wmvformat. The beauty of this formatis that you do not need PowerPoint installed on your computer to playthe video or any additional transitions, effects, voices, andtimings:

  1. Open a presentation to save as a video. For this example, we willuse the Project Analysis.pptx presentation.
  2. From the Export options, selectCreate a Video.
  1. Choose the desired video quality. Note that PowerPoint 2019has the Ultra HD (4K) ultra-highquality option:
ms office 627
  1. Choose whether to record slide timings and whether to set a time inseconds on each slide:
ms office 673
  1. If you choose to record slide timings, the Record window opens up, showing thepresentation in a form that is ready to add the video audio, slidetimings, annotations, inking, and notes. This feature was previouslyreferred to as Office Mix, an add-in for Microsoft Office, but has nowbecome part of the Recording tab andis available when exporting to video for extra video enhancement:
ms office 419
  1. Once you have added any extra video enhancements and recorded thetimings, the presentation ends and you are taken back to the videoexport options. Click on the CreateVideo icon.
  2. Select a file location and filename in the Save As dialog box. Note that the Save as Type: option has already beenselected as Windows Media Video(*.wmv).
  3. Click on Save. You can continue towork in PowerPoint while the video is saving. Note that in thePowerPoint status bar, a progress indicator for the video-saving processis shown.

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