Exporting slides as image files (PowerPointonly) in Microsoft Office 2019

In addition to exporting a presentation to a picture presentation, wecan save presentation slides as image files to use them outside of apresentation:

  1. Open a presentation file. We will use theSSGreenGroup.pptx presentation for thisexercise.
  2. Click on the File | Export Change File Type option fromthe list provided.
  3. Locate the Image FileTypes heading and select either the PNG or JPEGoption.
  1. The name you specify in the File name: text area becomes the folderwhere all the slide pictures save to. For this example, we will name thefile SSGreenGroupPic.png.

ms office 468

  1. Click on the Save icon to proceed.
  2. A dialog box appears on the presentation screen asking whetheryou would like to save every slide or just the currently selected slideof the presentation. Choose All Slides for thisexample:

  1. When the pictures have finished saving, a further dialog box pops upindicating the location that the pictures have been saved to. Clickon OK toreturn to the presentation. Navigate to the destination folder using thefile explorer icon on the Windows taskbar to view the result of savingthe pictures to SSGreenGroupPic:

ms office 391

The slides are each saved as individual PNG files in theSSGreenGroupPic folder withthe Slide1.PNGSlide2.PNGSlide3.PNGSlide4.PNGSlide5.PNG,and Slide6.PNG names.

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