Software recommendation: fast access to the management of more projects are not afraid

Some of the Quick Access management tools we have used in the past, if there are more Quick Start items to manage, the menus become long, crowded or require constant scrolling to access them. To improve this bad situation, you can use Quick Access Popup software to manage a large number of Quick Launch items.

1. Grouping in columns and displaying many items at the same time

When Quick Access Popup runs, the first thing it does is not bring up the main window, but a software icon retreating to the system tray. Click the icon to bring up the shortcut management menu, which is organized by grouping shortcut items and also contains submenus at various levels (Figure 1). The shortcut items are organized in grouped submenus so that the items are not crowded.


To define a grouped multi-level shortcut menu, double-click the taskbar software icon to bring up the menu definition window (Figure 2).


If you want to add a group, click the horizontal line button on the left toolbar; if you think the list is too long, the need for good column settings, click the vertical line button, add the column mark “===column===”, so that the menu will be displayed accordingly; click the T-shaped icon, you can create a user-specified character divider and separate the menu group (Figure 3). After the group is created, press the Add button to add items.


Once we have added column display, group display, and custom character separation to the shortcut menu, click the taskbar icon and look at the shortcut organization screen, everything looks different (Figure 4).


Tip: Through the software settings menu “Options→Hotkeys” tab, you can set the software function call shortcut keys. For example, click the mouse wheel (middle button) to launch the menu shortcut menu, or press the “Win+W” key combination to launch the shortcut menu, etc. 2.

2. Centralized call One key to launch multiple menu items

If you need to run more than one software at a time when performing a certain task, you can use the Group function in the Add window to achieve this. Click the Add button, then select the Group option, click the Continue button and follow the prompts to add items in the group (Figure 5).


Tip: In addition to being able to add programs, Quick Access Popup can also add folders, files, URLs, shortcuts and other items.

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