Software recommendation: fast and stable to build a system network security network

Nowadays, our computer systems are more and more vulnerable to attacks from the network, although Microsoft has added the network firewall function since the very early system version, but for so many years has been using a very troublesome configuration interface, resulting in the ordinary user simply can not be effectively configured. The good thing is that with a firewall tool like Simplewall, ordinary users can also use a good system network firewall.

Adding software that allows access

First of all, visit the official website of Simplewall Firewall (, find the link to the name of the software in the list on the left, click on it and see the latest version in the window on the right. The official website provides two versions of the software, the installation version and the portable version, so users can choose according to their needs. Like other firewall software, Simplewall is also managed by creating rules, and users can choose from two different ways to manage the whitelist or blacklist.

By default, the software uses a whitelist system, which means that programs that are added to the whitelist can access the network normally, while programs that are not added to the whitelist cannot connect to the network. For example, click the right mouse button in the Simplewall window list, and select the “Add File” command in the pop-up menu. Then in the pop-up dialog box, select the software program that allows network access, and click the “Open” button to add it to the list of software windows. But the added software program is added to the “Blocked Programs” item by default, now we check the software program in which it is moved to the “Allowed Programs”. This allows the software program to have normal network access (Figure 1).


Tip: Click the “Settings” menu and select the “Filter Mode” command to switch from the default whitelist to blacklist mode.

Blocking important ports of the system

In addition to controlling the software programs in the system, it is also very important to manage the system ports, because many viruses use the system ports to invade. So how to block system ports with this software? First, click the “Settings” command in the “Settings” menu, and select the “Custom Rules” command in the left list in the pop-up dialog box. Then click the right mouse button in the right list and select the “Add” command, we can start the custom rule creation operation (Figure 2).


We first customize a rule name that is clear to us, and then set the ports to be blocked in the “Rule Local” option. Since we mainly block external attacks on local ports, we set it to “;;;”, which means that the ports 135, 139, 445, etc. of (Figure 3). Then select “Inbound” in the “Direction” list, select “Block” in the “Action” list and click “Apply”. “Apply”, and finally return to the list to check the rule to block these ports.


Tip: The rules can be set using – for consecutive IP addresses or ports, and separated by semicolons for non-consecutive ones.

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