Mobile Skewer: Fast apps without installation are here

Nowadays, many users are complaining about the lack of storage space on their phones, and the countless apps we have installed are the big consumers of storage space. So, if you can use its functions without installing an app, wouldn’t it free up the maximum space on your phone?

Earlier CFan had introduced to you the method of using the web version of the app (H5) in the browser app to save storage space on your phone. Nowadays, there is a category called “fast apps” in many pre-installed app stores of cell phones, such as Huawei and OPPO. Compared to APKs, H5s and applets that need to be installed, quick apps are perfect in terms of stability and compatibility, and they do not take up any storage space at all, and will automatically release space after exiting (Figure 1).

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Take OPPO’s app store as an example, it provides the “Quick Apps” category in a prominent position (Figure 2), and we can add the shortcuts to the desktop to use them whenever we need them (Figure 3).

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The speed of opening fast applications and the smoothness of picture refreshing depends mainly on the current network speed of the phone (Figure 4), while the traffic consumed when it runs is similar to the version of the APK installed, which is no longer a problem today with the prevalence of free traffic and daily traffic cards.

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